An Introduction

Welcome to the Doctoral Seminar (ICS, CNE, HCR). The weekly seminars are meant to be in-depth discussions about the speaker's research topic, a communication and exchange of ideas, rather than a lecture. We have 1 hour scheduled. Of this, the speaker is urged to prepare a talk for roughly 30 minutes, with lively discussion during and after the main presentation welcome and expected. Live demos are also welcome.

Schedule for 2019:

Speaker Date Title Materials
Stefan Ehrlich (ICS) January 9, 16:30h Neuro-ergonomic HRI: On the use of EEG-based error potentials for mediating co-adaptation in human-robot interaction Abstract
Shile Li (HCR) January 16, 16:30h Visual odometry with RGB-D camera Abstract
Jan-Matthis Lueckmann (CNE) January 23, 16:30h Statistical methods for mechanistic models in neuroscience Abstract
Dr. Barbara Kühnlenz (ICS) January 30, 16:30h Robots as socio-cognitive persuasive agents Abstract
Prof. Takamitsu Matsubara February 6, 16:30h Sample-Efficient Reinforcement Learning for Real-World Robot Control Abstract
Dr. Satoki Tsuichihara (THU) February 28, 15:00h Real-time whole-body motion generation using torso posture regression and center of mass Abstract
Dr. Pablo Lanillos April 24, 16:30h SELFCEPTION: neuro-inspired robotic body perception and action Abstract
no seminar (public holiday) May 1, 16:30h *** coming soon *** Abstract
reserved for HCR May 8, 16:30h *** coming soon *** Abstract
Artur Speiser May 15, 16:30h Teaching deep neural networks to localize sources in super-resolution microscopy via simulation-based and unsupervised learning Abstract
Augusto Francisco May 22, 16:30h Sociology of technology and humanoid robotics: how do engineers and scientists make the iCub robot work? Abstract
Thomas Eiband May 29, 16:30h Learning Conditional Tasks by Demonstration of Multiple Solutions with an Application to Fault Recovery Abstract
reserved for ICS June 5, 16:30h *** coming soon *** Abstract
reserved for CNE June 12, 16:30h *** coming soon *** Abstract
Dr. David Navarro-Alarcon June 19, 16:30h Shape Servoing of Deformable Objects: Modelling, Estimation, and Control Abstract
Prof. Alin Albu-Schäffer June 26, 17:00h Nonlinear elastic resonance modes for efficient robot and biological locomotion Abstract
Poornima Ramesh July 3, 16:30h Adversarial Training of Neural Encoding Models Abstract
reserved for HCR July 10, 16:30h *** coming soon *** Abstract
Jan Bölts July 17, 16:30h Bayesian inference for synaptic connectivity rules in anatomically realistic cortical connectomes Abstract
Karna Potwar July 24, 16:30h Simulating bipedal walking using a translating center of pressure Abstract
reserved for CNE October 16, 16:30h *** coming soon *** Abstract
Florian Bergner
Julio Rogelio Guadarrama Olvera
October 23, 16:30h Evaluation of a Large-Scale Event-Driven Robot Skin
Pressure-Driven Body Compliance Using Robot Skin
reserved for HCR October 30, 16:30h *** coming soon *** Abstract
reserved for ICS November 06, 16:30h *** coming soon *** Abstract
reserved for CNE November 13, 16:30h *** coming soon *** Abstract
George Mesesan November 20, 16:30h Dynamic Walking on Compliant and Uneven Terrain using DCM and Passivity-based Whole-body Control Abstract
Jonas Braun
Michael Deistler
November 27, 16:30h Timescales of predictability as a tool to analyse neuronal dynamics in V1 and CA1
Analysing perturbations in neuroscience models using simulation-based inference
Dr. Alexandre Janot December 04, 16:30h On the identification of industrial robots: from a standard approach to most sophisticated techniques Abstract
Matteo Pantano December 11, 16:30h Design of a Cyber-Physical System for flexible Human Robot Collaboration Abstract
NO SEMINAR December 18, 16:30h *** coming soon *** Abstract
Alana Irene Darcher
Tamara Müller
January 15, 16:30h *** coming soon *** Abstract
Shile Li January 22, 16:30h Aligning Latent Spaces for 3D Hand Pose Estimation Abstract
Dr. Lewis Chuang January 29, 16:30h The brain at work---Understanding the role of attention in planes, automated vehicles, and Industry 4.0 Abstract
reserved for CNE February 5, 16:30h *** coming soon *** Abstract
reserved for HCR February 12, 16:30h *** coming soon *** Abstract
Dr. Fernando Cross Villasana February 19, 16:30h *** coming soon *** Abstract

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Previous talks in 2018:

Speaker Date Title Materials
Jin-Young Choi January 12, 10:00h Team AUPAIR : technical overview Abstract+Bio
Dr. Olivier Stasse January 19, 10:00h Using a Memory of Motion to Efficiently Warm-Start a Nonlinear Predictive Controller Abstract+Bio
Zied Tayeb January 26, 10:00h Hybrid Brain-Computer Interfaces for Intelligent Neuroprostheses Abstract+Bio
Dr. Pablo Lanillos February 9, 10:00h Body perception through predictive coding: replicating the rubber-hand illusion on a robot Abstract+Bio
Prof. Jun Tani (WED) March 14, 10:00h Exploring robotic minds: actions, symbols, and consciousness as self-organizing dynamic phenomena Abstract+Bio
Nikolai Waniek March 16, 10:30h Multi-Transition Systems: An algorithmic perspective on neural spatial navigation Abstract+Bio
Sebastian Berger March 23, 10:00h The Ordinal Complexity of EEG: A Neural Correlate of Consciousness? Abstract+Bio
Dr. Lorenzo Natale April 13, 10:00h Object learning using vision and touch Abstract+Bio
Simon Ottenhaus
Pascal Weiner
April 20, 11:15h Tactile Exploration with Cost-Aware Information Gain Maximization
The KIT Prosthetic Hand: Design and Control
Néstor García April 27, 10:00h Motion planning using synergies for anthropomorphic dual-arm robots Abstract+Bio
Jasmin Kajopoulos May 4, 10:00h Exploring human interaction: Nonverbal signals of gaze and pointing movements in Germany and Japan. Abstract+Bio
Yoshiaki Watanabe May 11, 10:00h Cooking Behaviour with Handling General Cooking Tools based on a System Integration for a Life sized Humanoid Robot Abstract+Bio
Wenzhen Yuan June 8, 10:00h Making Sense of the Physical World with High-resolution Tactile Sensing Abstract+Bio
Erhard Wieser June 15, 10:00h Spatiotemporal prediction for bootstrap learning of robot sensory-motor capabilities Abstract
Prof. Matthias Nießner June 27 (WED), 16:30h 3D Reconstruction and Understanding of the Real World Abstract+Bio
Prof. Matthias Althoff June 29, 10:00h Safe Robot Control with Formal Guarantees Abstract+Bio
Alireza Malekmohammadi July 4, 16:30h Efficient Hardware Implementation of a Feature Extraction and Classification Algorithm for Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Signals Abstract+Bio
Shunki Itadera July 11, 16:30h Physical Human-Robot Interaction based Locomotion Assistance for Elderly People Abstract+Bio
Prof. Taisuke Kobayashi July 18, 16:30h Selection and Integration Architecture for Multi-Locomotion Control Systems Abstract+Bio
Prof. Matthias Nießner July 25, 16:30h 3D Reconstruction and Understanding of the Real World Abstract+Bio
Marcel Nonnenmacher October 24, 16:30h Learning about neural computation from sparse recordings Abstract+Bio
Julio Rogelio Guadarrama Olvera
Dennis Ossadnik
October 31, 16:30h Enhancing Biped Locomotion on Unknown Terrain Using Tactile Feedback
Adaptive Friction Compensation for Humanoid Robots without Joint-Torque Sensors
Dr. Thorsten O. Zander November 21, 16:30h Towards Neuroadaptive Technology: An outlook on the potential impact of Passive Brain-Computer Interfaces on Technology, Neuroscience and Society. Abstract
reserved for CNE November 28, 16:30h *** coming soon *** Abstract
no seminar December 5, 16:30h *** coming soon *** Abstract
Dr. Matteo Saveriano (HCR) December 12, 16:30h Motion planning with stable dynamical systems: Incremental learning and human-aware execution Abstract
Giacomo Bassetto (CNE) December 19, 16:30h Bayesian inference for parametric receptive-field models Abstract

Previous talks in 2017:

Speaker Date Title Materials
Sylvia Pietzsch January 20, 10:00am Environmental perception and situation analysis for ADAS and autonomous driving Abstract+Bio
Prof. Hirokazu Kato
Prof. Tomokazu Sato
February 2, 10:00am Next Breakthrough for Augmented Reality (Talk 1)
Toward constructing virtualized real environments (Talk 2)
Kunijuki Takahashi February 24, 10:00am Acquisition and Extension of the Robot Body Model Using Motor Babbling through Deep Learning Abstract+Bio
Prof. Tsukasa Ogasawara
Prof. Takamitsu Matsubara
March 03, 10:00am Learning Assistive Strategies for Exoskeleton Robots from User-Robot Physical Interaction Abstract+Bio
Dr. Qiang Li March 10, 10:00am Visuo-tactile servoing controller for robot’s interaction Abstract+Bio
Johannes Englsberger March 31, 10:00am Combining reduced dynamics models and whole-body control for agile humanoid locomotion Abstract+Bio
Ewald Lutscher March 31, 2:00pm Set Point Generation and Task Specification for Indirect Force Controlled Robots Abstract
Jingyi Xu April 21, 10:00am Grasping Posture Estimation for a Parallel Soft Gripper using a Curved Contact Area Friction Model Abstract+Bio
Mikhail Vilgelm April 28, 10:00am Designing Communication Networks for Cyber-Physical Systems Abstract+Bio
Dr. John Nassour May 3, 2:00pm Unified framework for control of movement in humanoid robots: a bio-inspired approach Abstract+Bio
Dr. Maximo A. Roa May 5, 10:00am Robotics for Industry 4.0 Applications Abstract+Bio
Dr. Robert C. Roberts May 12, 10:00am Additive Manufacturing of Metals for the Internet of Things (IoTs) Abstract+Bio
Florian Bergner
Julio Rogelio Guadarrama Olvera
Dr. Emmanuel Dean Leon
May 19, 10:00am Efficient Event-Driven Reactive Control for Large Scale Robot Skin
Using Intentional Contact to Achieve Tasks in Tight Environments
TOMM: Tactile Omnidirectional Mobile Manipulator
Dr. Koichi Suzumori
Dr. Gen Endo
Dr. Hiroyuki Nabae
Dr. Ahmad Athif Mohd Faudzi
Prof. Tadayoshi Aoyama
July 7, 10:00am Thin Artificial Muscle Pioneering New Robotics (Suzumori)
Tendon-driven robots using synthetic fiber ropes and their applications (Endo)
Analytical and Experimental Study on Actuation Time; Displacement Amplified Electromagnetic Actuator (Nabae)
Human-like Robotic Hand Applying Soft Thin Mckibben Actuator (Faudzi)
Multi-task type vision system and its application (Aoyama)
Dr. Cristian Axenie July 14, 10:00am Online distributed streaming machine learning: Big Data, Fast Data, All Data Abstract+Bio
Stefan Ehrlich July 21, 10:00am Humanoid robot learning behaviour from human interaction partner’s brain responses Abstract
Simon Ollander August 11, 14:00h Feature and Sensor Selection for Detection of Driver Stress Abstract
Dr. Karinne Ramirez-Amaro September 15, 10:00h Semantic Reasoning under Realistic Conditions Abstract
Hiroshi Atsuta September 22, 10:00h 2D Omnidirectional Locomotion Control of a Biped Robot Based on Dynamics Morphing Abstract
Prof. Koh Hosoda October 6, 10:00h Soft Humanoid Robots Abstract+Bio
Stefan Ehrlich October 27, 10:00h A Simple and Practical Sensorimotor EEG Device for Recording in Patients with Special Needs Abstract
Matej Hoffmann (TUESDAY) November 28, 14:00h Humanoid robots with whole-body artificial skin: automatic self-calibration and safe physical human-robot interaction Abstract+Bio
Mohsen Kaboli December 1, 10:00h New Methods for Active Tactile Object Perception and Learning with Artificial Robotic Skin Abstract+Bio
Chris Paxton December 8, 10:00h Creating Generalizable Task Plans for Collaborative Robots Abstract+Bio
Prof. Agnieszka Wykowska December 15, 10:30h Social cognition in human-robot interaction Abstract+Bio

Previous talks in 2016:

Speaker Date Title Materials
Mohsen Firouzi February 03, 10:45am An event-based cooperative dynamics as a key cortical computation for stereoscopic fusion Abstract
Sophon Somlor
Satoshi Yorita
February 24, 10:45am Development of Three-Axis Soft Tactile Sensor Using Tilted Capacitive-Type Transducers
Development of Bipedal Humanoid Robot HYDRA (short add. talk by S. Yorita)
Abstract+Bio (Somlor)
Prof. Jan Peters (FRIDAY) March 11, 2:00pm Machine Learning of Motor Skills in Robotics: From Simple Skills to Table Tennis and Manipulation Abstract+Bio
Ryo Wakatabe April 6, 10:45am Analysis of dynamic regrasping using data glove and its application to robotics Abstract+Bio
Quentin Leboutet May 20, 10:00am From Hierarchical Compliance to Safe Whole-body Dynamic Manipulations with Humanoids Abstract+Bio
Julio Rogelio Guadarrama-Olvera June 3, 10:00am Sensor based dynamic humanoid locomotion in uncertain and complex environments. Abstract+Bio
Dr. Jeannette Bohg June 10, 10:00am Perception for robust, autonomous robotic manipulation - A question of balancing prior knowledge and learning from data Abstract+Bio
Dr. Mario Weichenberger June 24, 10:00am A Fencing Robot for Performance Testing Abstract+Bio
Prof. Nancy Pollard (MONDAY) June 27, 2:00pm Grasping and Manipulation: Towards Humanlike Dexterity Abstract+Bio
Prof. Gregory Hager July 8, 10:00am From Mimicry to Mastery: Creating Machines that Augment Human Skill Abstract+Bio
Yuko Sasa (MONDAY) July 11, 10:00am ISAR - Intelligence in a Socio-Affective perspective for a Robot: Language Primitives for a Scalable Interaction with a Smart Home Robot Abstract+Bio
Prof. Kai Vogeley September 23, 10:00am Neural Mechanisms of Intersubjectivity Abstract
Chris Paxton (THURSDAY) October 6, 10:00am Do What I Want, Not What I Did: Imitation of Skills by Planning Sequences of Actions Abstract
Prof. Darius Burschka October 28, 10:00am Coupling of Task to Perception in Static and Dynamic Environments Abstract
Dr. Georg Martius December 1 (THURSDAY), 14:45am Self-organization of behavior in autonomous robot development Abstract+Bio

Previous talks in 2015:

Speaker Date Title Materials
Philipp Mittendorfer January 14, 10:45am From a multi-modal intelligent cell to a self-organizing robotic skin Abstract
Alessandro Pieropan January 21, 10:45am Action Recognition for Robot Learning Abstract
Michael Dorr March 18, 10:45am Visual Efficient Sensing for the Perception-Action Loop Abstract
Karinne Ramirez-Amaro March 25, 10:45am Inferring Human Activities from Observation via Semantic Reasoning: A novel method for transferring skills to robots Abstract
Leonhard Schilbach April 1, 10:45am Postponed to May 27, 2015 Abstract
Kuniyuki Takahashi April 8, 10:45am Effective Motion Learning of Flexible Joint Robot with Motor Babbling Abstract
Dr. Jun Nakanishi April 22, 10:45am Motor Learning and Control from Dynamical Systems Based Approach and Optimal Control Abstract
Johannes Engelsberger April 29, 10:45am Towards Whole-Body Control for Toro AND: a new concept for bipedal running Abstract
Mohsen Firouzi May 6, 10:45am Sensor Fusion in Cortical Circuits
An approach to computation, from the human brain to machines
Dr. Viviane Ghaderi May 13, 10:45am A Biomimetic Approach to Non-Linear Signal Processing in Ultra Low Power Analog Circuits Abstract
Lizhi Zhang May 20, 10:45am A Frame of Floor Recognition for PR2 in Multi-floor Environment Abstract
Dr. Leonhard Schilbach May 27, 10:45am It’s in your eyes: using interactive eyetracking to investigate the neural mechanisms of social interaction Abstract
Jasmin Kajopoulos June 3, 10:45am Introduction to the utilization of a Sensomotoric Instruments (SMI) mobile eye-tracking device Abstract
Philipp Mittendorfer June 10, 10:45am From a Multi-modal Intelligent Cell to a Self-organizing
Robotic Skin – Realizing Self and Enriching Robot Tactile Interaction
Daniel Roppenecker June 17, 10:45am Multi Arm Snake-Like Robot Abstract
Prof. Daniel Rixen
Robert Wittman
Arne Hildebrandt
Daniel Wahrmann
July 1, 10:45am Lola, the humanoid Robot of the Institute of Applied Mechanics Abstract
Dr. Ludovic Righetti July 8, 10:45am Exploiting contact interactions for locomotion and manipulation tasks Abstract
Christoph Schütz July 15, 10:45am CROPS, manipulators for intelligent harvesting Abstract
Kai Hu July 22, 10:45am Learning and Generalization of Compensative Zero-Moment Point Trajectory for Biped Walking Abstract
Dr. Christoph Söllner July 29, 10:45am Challenges, Risks and Benefits of a Smart Home: Bridging the Last Mile on Application Level Abstract
Dr. Sakriani Sakti
Shinnosuke Takamichi
Hayato Maki
September 2, 10:45am Toward enhancing human-human and human-machine communication: From spoken language processing to cognitive communication Abstract
Dr. Hamid Sadeghian September 16, 10:45am Task Space Control in Physical Human Robot Interaction: Theory and Experiments Abstract
Kazuma Sasaki
Gonalo Aguirre Domnguez
Yukitoshi Minami Shiguematsu
October 5, 02:30pm
Visual Motor Integration of Robot’s Drawing Behavior
Development of a Backdrivable Magnetorheological Hydraulic Piston for Passive and Active Linear Actuation
Towards a Sensorimotor System based on that of Humans to study its Effects on Walking Stabilization
Dr. Pablo Lanillos October 14, 10:45am Designing an Artificial Attention System for Social Robots Abstract
Dr. Serena Ivaldi October 21, 10:45am Social and physical interaction with the iCub robot Abstract
Cristian Axenie November 04, 10:45am Synthesis of Distributed Cognitive Systems: Perceptual Learning for Multisensory Fusion Abstract
Jasmin Kajopoulos November 11, 10:45am Summary: International Conference of Social Robotics (ICSR) 2015 in Paris Abstract
Dr. Daniel Renjewski November 25, 10:45am Bipedal locomotion - from humans to robots and back Abstract
Dr. Simon Jacob December 02, 10:45am Neuronal mechanisms of higher cognitive functions in the primate Abstract
Erhard Wieser December 09, 10:45am Learning the sensory-motor mapping through scalable spatiotemporal predictors Abstract
Dr. Taku Komura THURSDAY
December 17, 10:30am
Learning Motion Manifolds with the Convolutional Autoencoders / Learning an Inverse Rig Mapping for Character Animation Abstract

Previous talks in 2014:

Speaker Date Title Materials
Thomas Madl Jan. 15, 10:45am Biologically Inspired Spatial Memory for the LIDA Cognitive Architecture Abstract
Dr. Thierry Chaminade Jan. 22, 10:45am Using social cognitive neuroscience to understand human-robot interactions (and vice-versa) Abstract
Lizhi Zhang Feb. 19, 10:45am Navigation in multi-floors with multiple level of recovery
Johannes Englsberger Feb. 26, 10:45am Three-dimensional bipedal walking control using Divergent Component of Motion Abstract
Dr. Emre Ugur Mar. 31, *MONDAY* 14:30pm Staged development of robot skills Abstract
Harald Jenull May 21, 10:45am Be entrepreneurial - opportunities for founders at TUM Abstract
Andreas Holzbach September 17, 10:45am Sampled Template Collation for Visual Attention and Object-based Segregation Abstract
Kuniyuki Takahashi September 22, 12:00h (Monday) Tool-body Assimilation Model Based on Body Babbling and Neuro-dynamical System Biography
Gabriele Trovato September 24, 10:30am (time changed) Human-robot interaction across cultures Biography
Prof. Kazuo Kato October 8, 10:45am Event-related Synchronization/Desynchronization Affected by
Spatial Frequencies of Background Visual Pattern during a Cognitive Task
CV, Abstract
Cristian Axenie October 15, 10:45am Multimodal Sensor Fusion Network for Mobile Robot Egomotion Estimation Abstract
Carlos Cruz Pérez October 22, 10:45am Fast microscopy to track neuronal activity in real time and cellular resolution CV+Abstract
Dr. Marcello Mulas & Nicolai Waniek October 29, 10:45am Modeling grid cells on neuromorphic hardware for robotic spatial navigation Abstract
Erhard Wieser November 5, 10:45am Predictive Action Selector for Generating Meaningful Robot Behaviour from Minimum Amount of Samples Abstract
Stefan Ehrlich November 12, 10:45am When to engage in interaction - and how?
EEG-based enhancement of robot’s ability to sense social signals in HRI
Dr. Christoph Richter November 26, 10:45am Cerebellar Control of a Muscle-and-Tendon Robot Abstract
Ewald Lutscher December 03, 10:45am Inequality Task Specification and Stable Virtual Trajectory Generation for Indirect Force Controlled Robots Abstract
Maximo Roa December 10, 10:45am Grasping and Manipulation: functionality, planning and applications Abstract
Federico Ruiz Ugalde December 17, 10:45am Object models for skilled manipulation Abstract

Previous talks in 2013:

Brennand Pierce Jan. 16, 10:45am "Mask-Bot 2i": An active customizable Robotic Head with Interchangeable Face Abstract
Dr. Emmanuel Dean Feb. 6, 10:45am Symbiotic human robot interaction for industrial scenarios Biography
Dr. Samer Alfayad Feb. 13, 10:45am HYDROID Humanoid Robot: Actuation, Kinematics' Structure and Control Strategy Abstract
Jiseob Kim & Eun-Sol Kim Feb. 20, 10:45am Germany & Korea (GEnKO) Project: Research Topics and Introduction to BioIntelligence Lab Abstract
Alexander Werner Feb. 27, 10:45am Using Non-Linear Optimization for Optimal Trajectory Generation in Humanoid Walking Abstract
Dr. Zhibin Li Mar. 27, 10:45am Walking Pattern Generation and Stabilization of Compliant Humanoid CoMan Abstract
Dr. Michael Mistry
Dr. Jan Babic
Apr. 4, 10:45am Role of redundancy in humans and humanoid robots
Teaching robots to dynamically interact with environment and
humans through human sensorimotor learning
David Weikersdorfer Apr. 10, 10:45am Efficiency by Sparsity: Depth-Adaptive Superpixels and Event-Based SLAM Abstract
Karinne Ramirez Amaro Apr. 26, 10:45am Extracting Semantic Rules from Human Observations Abstract
Dr. Vladimir Lumelsky May 15, 10:45am Human-Robot Interaction and Whole-Body Robot Sensing Abstract&Biography
Mohsen Kaboli June 5, 10:45am Leveraging Over Prior Knowledge for On-line Learning of Visual Categories across the robot Abstract
Dr. David W. Franklin June 19, 10:45am Adaptive feedforward and feedback strategies in sensorimotor control Abstract
Ewald Lutscher July 24, 10:45am A Practical Approach to Generalized Hierarchical Task Specification for Indirect
Force Controlled Robots
Stefan Ehrlich July 31, 10:45am Closed-loop Brain Interactions with Affective Brain-Computer Music Interface Abstract
Philipp Mittendorfer Aug. 28, 10:45am A General Tactile Approach for Grasping Unknown Objects with a Humanoid Robot Abstract
Prof. Vincent Hugel Nov. 6, 10:45am Research in Humanoid Design: Biped Leg Kinematics and Vertebral Column Abstract & CV
Indar Sugiarto Nov. 13, 10:00am Factor Graphs for Robot Kinematics Abstract & CV
Dr. Agnieszka Wykowska Nov. 27, 10:45am Cognitive and social neuroscience for social
robotics - how implicit measures of fundamental mechanisms of social
cognition can inform us about human readiness to interact with robots.
Dr. Emmanuel Dean Dec. 5, 2:00pm Constrained Image Based Visual Servoing Abstract
Dr. Sae Franklin
Dr. David Franklin
Dec. 11, 10:45am Feedback control in human motor adaptation
Internal coordinate representations for human motor adaptation

Previous talks in 2012:

Tadej Petric Sep. 12, 10:00am Performing periodic tasks: on-line learning, adaptation and synchronization with external signals Abstract
Yuka Ariki Nov. 14, 10:45am Extraction inner dynamics from human behaviors based on low dimensional representation Abstract
John Nassour Nov. 21, 10:45am Success - Failure Learning for Humanoid: Study on Bipedal Walking Abstract
Karinne Ramirez Amaro Dec. 12, 10:45am Analysis of Human Everyday Manipulation Activities
Andreas Holzbach Dec. 19, 10:45am Towards a biologically-inspired multimodal Computational Architecture for Object Recognition

Previous talks in 2011:

Rong Li Aug 31 The neural basis of predictive tracking
Erhard Wieser Sep 14 Cognitive architectures - an overview on the state of the art
Marcia Riley Sep 28 Trajectory Generalization with RBFs
Bren Pierce Oct 5 Humanoid design
Philipp Mittendorfer Oct 12 Self-organisation of a multi-modal sensor skin network: Realising self and enriching robot interaction
Ewald Lutscher Oct 19 Flexible Control for Constrained Mechanisms
Andreas Holzbach Nov 2 Biologically-Inspired Vision
John Nassour Nov 9 CPG-Inspired Locomotion for Humanoids
Agneta Gustus Nov 18 *FRIDAY* at 1:30pm Human hand modelling with focus on anatomic synergies
Philipp Mittendorfer Nov 301. 3D reconstruction from tactile sensor data and 2. 2nd generation tactile sensor design
Dejan Pangercic Dec 7 Semantic Object Maps for Robotic Housework - Representation, Acquisition and Use
Akinobu Maejima Dec 14 Human Face Modeling From A Single Snapshot

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